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QXI Micro-Analysis EDXRF Analyzer

State-of-the-Art Hardware for the Best Possible
Speed vs. Accuracy

The QXI provides unprecedented speed and accuracy by using the latest X-ray detector and analysis technology.  The QXI's small spot size, movable X-Y-Z stage and powerful optics afford the high precision ideal for jewelry, precious metals and other alloy analysis, but it is also suitable for practically any solid or liquid sample. 

  • Jewelry
  • Forensics
  • Ceramics
  • Metal Alloys
  • Scrap Metals


No Standards, No Matrix Effects

The unique and extremely powerful fundamental parameter (FP) software of the QXI allows fully standardless quantitative analysis of all elements enabling a excellent accuracy, even unknown samples.

Smart Design For Versatility

The QXI provides the largest available measurement chamber in XRF benchtop instruments (560mm x 720mm) for analysis of oversized objects.

Modular mechanics and ergonomic user interface enable handling of large quantities of samples during a workday.

Options include customizing the system with a selection of accessories, such as 

  • Changeable collimators for local analysis from 0.1 to 13mm diameter X-ray spot size
  • Motorized X-Y-Z stage solutions that automate batch jobs with a click of a mouse

Tools for Quality Control

Data is collected in real-time, and trended on a PC at surface levels.

The QXI program calculates standard deviation for individual measurements. Software tools allow you to specifiy the analysis times and sampling procedures to meet your quality control requirements, such as 3-σ limit in production.

The project manager function makes it easy to generate analysis reports and create databases for sorting measurement data.  Austin AI is committed to serve a customer's individual needs and assist in the development of standard operating procedures based on both specific needs and existing standards.


  • 50 kV, 25 W X-ray tube
  • Motorized X-Y-Z stage solutions that automate batch jobs with a click of a mouse
  • Optimized geometry for rapid analysis and excellent statistical accuracy
  • Large sample chamber
  • X-ray tube collimation allows 0.1 mm to 13 mm spot size with help of visible laser spots
  • Manual or automated X-Y-Z stage
  • Video camera aided analysis with sensitive CCD camera that allows digital snapshots
  • Powerful operation software with Fundamental Parameters, includes algorithms for complete standardless analysis
  • Current Windows PC
  • Modular mechanical design enabling various accessories


  • Rapid, non-destructive quantitative analysis from 0-100% for all elements between Al and U in the periodic table
  • Measurement of unknown samples
  • Ease of operation, ideal for non-technical users
  • Optimize your manufacturing process
  • Recognize hazardous materials
  • Quality control in manufacturing process and purchased materials
  • Low cost of ownership and operation


  • Electronics Scrap Material Quality Control
  • XRF Analysis of Jewelry Using Fully Standardless FP Approach
  • Analysis of Precious Metals Plating Baths in Jewelry
  • Gold Alloy Analysis
  • Local Quantitative Analysis
  • Quality Control in Precious Metal Alloy and Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Theory of QXI Fully Standardless Quantitative XRF Analysis
  • Bulk Analysis of Rocks & Minerals

X-ray Spectra of a White Gold Sample. Click here for larger view







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